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The True ROOTS of the Church

The True ROOTS of the Church

Church, where did “Church” originate? What did Yeshua (Jesus) mean when he said “You shall do these things but greater?” Why is the Church today weak and lacking the supernatural power of God? These questions should be asked of the church today and Pastors should be challenged by these questions. What is a big concern is that the Church has been compromising the word of God, leaving out the fundamental roots of God’s true plan for his church. To understand what the church actually is you must dig deep into its roots from where it originated. Yeshua (Jesus) said to Peter in Mathew 16:18 “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Peter was one of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) most faithful Disciple even though he did deny him, he repented and it was on him that the church was founded. After the disciples and those such as Paul were martyred and John the beloved was left to write about the churches in the end times, what really happened to the church? The disciples never once stopped practicing their Hebrew rights, they continued with the exception that now they have Yeshua the Hamashiach (Messiah) in the equation.


Yeshua (Jesus) himself was a Rabbi, studied Hebrew, the Torah, and knew the origins of his people. Every one of the disciples also practiced the same and it was through them that the church was indeed founded. They knew the very essential knowledge from creation to the prophecies that came to be fulfilled through Christ. First, the Church was the body of believers that congregated until on the day of Pentecost Acts 2:1–6, the promise of the Holy Spirit was given. What was essential about the Holy Spirit? (ruacḥ haqodesh) Because the Church had to be empowered with God’s spirit to walk in the supernatural power of God, to accomplish what they must do as the true original church.


The true and original church was established through the Disciples of Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) through the Jews first then the gentiles, they gathered in homes, places where they would break bread and fellowship, miracles were performed daily, signs and wonders. All being taught through testimony of each disciple and their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is by the word of their testimony that people both Jew and Gentile were won to Christ. Jesus came to save the world and the reason many of the Jews didn’t believe he was the Hamashich (Messiah) was to fulfill the prophecies and so he could fulfill the will of God the Father. We are children of God born into a sinful world, but through him and him alone, through his marvelous sacrifice, the king coming to make a final covenant with God’s children so that they can return to true relationship with the father of all creation, know him, understand him, and most of all walk in his supernatural power and all this to the Jew first then given to the gentiles for the salvation of the world.


The Church today has become a show of words so often given to tickle the ears of its members, to become a place without discipleship but to overlook and miss the fundamental essentials that the church was based on, it’s Hebrew roots. Every one of the disciples walked in the constant flow of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, sadly enough the church has become dead, powerless, stagnate, and blind. As the Church we must embrace our Hebrew roots, learn everything there is about where it all started, and embrace our new found inheritance, the essence of the reasoning behind the plan of God. In these last days God is beginning to awaken and shake the church to purify it, and restore it to its foundation. Who was the foundation of the church, was it Jesus Christ, well from what I stated earlier it was Peter, his name meaning The Rock. Peter was a Hebrew Fisherman who was chosen with the other disciples to spread the message of our savior throughout the world, it wasn’t the gentiles, it all started with the Jews, yes the church’s roots, the very foundation is the inheritance of what we are grafted into. Romans 11:17 says…” But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree.” You see God brought us back into our inheritance of the blessings, the roots, and the essence of the Hebrew heritage.  Yet today many mainstream and religious organized churches still follow the tradition and teaching of replacement Theology which states that the Jews will not be a part of the return of Christ.


This deception all began in the Roman Catholic Church where as many truths were taken out and changed for the convenience of their teaching of Christianity. The great reformation beginning with Martin Luther once believed that the churches true roots must be maintained but eventually through Calvin and other reformist it was changed by making the Jews the enemy of the church and blaming them for Christ’s death, therefore the deception began not only through the Roman Catholic Church but all the Organized Churches that broke away from the Catholic Church. Jesus never once said to abolish his people, he never turned from his roots as a Jew, he never said that after him there was no need to adhere to the knowledge of the Hebrew people, in fact he stated “”Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill..” (Matthew 5:17).  Jesus also stated that he was going to return to the same place he ascended to the father. In reality all the promises to Israel remain in place and the greatest thing about this is now through Jesus we have the right to be a part of this inheritance. In these times there are Messianic Jews who are Jews who have accepted Jesus as their savior and Messiah.


Why isn’t the Church learning and teaching its Hebrew roots? Because the biggest deception was to separate the Church from its original foundation and inheritance with knowledge that dates back to creation itself through its Hebrew roots.


The Time has come for the church to be challenged, for pastors of these churches to wake up and acknowledge that the church must transform into the fullness of the Holy Spirit, walking in the supernatural. God has never forsaken his people for Christianity in fact he saved us and his purpose for the Church is also to provoke the Jews to salvation. It is the true Church that will powerfully bring salvation to the world through revival, and awakening. Even though I have only touched on the roots of the church I provoke you to wake up and know the inheritance of the chosen people of God, for he said…” I will bless those who bless Israel, I will curse those who curse Israel.” It’s time for the church to Fulfill the calling of God to stand and know the truth, to walk in the supernatural power given through the Holy Spirit by God for the Church to be the true light in the darkness of this world, to provoke our Jewish brothers and sisters to salvation, to stand upon the roots and to take back the power, to take back what the enemy has stolen from the church.

Wake up Church! Wake Up NOW! – Amen


By: Minister Victor A. Padilla


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