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Pais: Honduras

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Latin Times: Tell us about where you are from and about your family?
Belkey’s: I was born and raised in Miami, but my entire family is from Honduras.  I am 1 of 4. And the only girl! Hah! Safe to say I had an interesting upbringing.

Latin Times: When did you know you wanted to be an actress?
Belkey’s:  Hmm… 18 years old when I participated in Model Latina Season 1… Though it was a modeling contest, my shine was away from still photography…. My soul awakened in front of the camera! That was when I knew it was my fate.

Latin Times: Being a Latina Actress did you have any struggles in your Acting career?
Belkey’s: Yes! Not all Latinas carry around a heavy accent!  Haha Miami is loaded with Latin roles and telenovela stuff, which isn’t quite my forte.. Keep my head high and fingers crossed.

Latin Times: Tell us about the movie EM3 and the part you play in the movie?
Belkey’s:  Em3 is a story about power. In all aspects. Especially will power. One simple decision changed the lives of many. I play the role of Nikki, the free spirit pill popper hahaha! Raul falls for her and then … Tun tun tun!

Latin Times: What is your Favorite Latin Food?
Belkey’s: Why do I want to yell Frijoles!!! Hahaha yes, my favorite Latin food would be baleadas! Which is a Honduran dish. Tortilla de harina, frijoles fritos, huevo y mantequilla!!! Yuuumm!!! I fear for my heart therefore I eat this once or twice a year lol

Latin Times:  What advice do you have for up and coming Latino Actors?
Belkey’s:  Chase your dreams.. Work hard every day to perfect your craft and always respect yourself as an artist and being.

Latin Times: Who living or passed has been a hero and inspiration in your life?
Belkey’s: Well that’s easy! My momma!!! She is the wind beneath my wings! My sunshine and like she says “my moonshine” lmaooo! Don’t think she knows what that means haha. She really taught me or better said inspired me to become an independent & strong woman. I grew up being dictated by my father as was she, not being able to voice her opinions. Not the case now of course but she is the reason why I like and need my voice to be heard. I love you momma!

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